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I'm So Glad You are here to explore the ways to inner peace with me. And you are here probably to learn about me. I practice, write, explore and teach   mindfulness practices for living in harmony  with life.  

 As you may know, mindfulness is a way to live in the moment. What this means basically is instead of regretting or fretting about he past or not yet moments of life,  

There are many methods to come back to the moment  and I have learned some on my own and many from well known teachers in established schools and centers. 


It is with mindfulness we set out together to explore the pathways that lead to inner peace, the path to our heart-soul. There we connect to peace and then bring this peaceful essence into the outer world to effect more peace there too. 

I've created this site to share with you  mindfulness practices for creating inner and outer peace. 

Basic facts about me:

Author, artist, photographer and  Life and Health Coach. nature lover and explorer. 

Certifications and degrees:

Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher

Chopra Center University

Health and Nutrition Coaching Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York 

Columbia University Teachers College 

Art for Healing 

Chapman University

B.S. College of Charleston, SC

Throughout my search in workshops and in the schools I attended,  my journey into healing has been based in alternative,  holistic and healthy approaches both new and ancient.  In the end,   mindfulness practices are my personal go-to and most valuable practices for body, mind and heart harmony.  

 You can find (I hope) photos, paintings, rhymes and other creations I've made on this site to inspire and encourage you and your loved ones.

When you  explore  your heart with mindfulness  you will experience an increase in gratitude and love for the beauty of life and  restore your health, too.  

 Peace is yours one moment at a time. 

Focus on Peace

Learn a Mindfulness Practice to achieve Goals.

A New Attitude

  “When I started working (with Denise ) I just wanted to feel better about my life. The ideas I had seemed impossible but I knew I had to do something and wanted it to be holistic. In just a few months I am living a new life with a new attitude, so grateful.“ Deb. M, Santa Barbara, CA  

Loving Life


“My relationship with food is now healthy and so am I! Thank you for the time we spent together, it has changed my life. No more struggling with weight or self-image issues, I’m sleeping better, too.” Jennifer, Thousand Oaks, CA

Clarity from Chaos


“I found clarity when I was devastated financially, emotionally and physically  within weeks, I was able to see the way and in months restored my health and found solutions for living better than I had before my collapse. I never would have imagined the power I had to create a happier life.”  Sarah, G. Los Angeles, CA